About Us

“One of the greatest titles in the world is a parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.”

As parents, there is indeed no greater reward than seeing our children truly blessed. Their triumph cause celebration, their achievements pride, therefore as parents we must train our children in the way of Godly victory. And for our children, we are their God’s first line of defense, their first source of blessing.

Letters from Heaven” for children is a personalized letter service that is intended to strengthen the parent child relationship while affirming your child with a belief that there is a supreme energy guiding all of us from heaven above.  Moreover, there are times when we want to explain so much to our children but fear about what impact it may bring on them. This is where we step in. Letters from Heaven come as a flotation device bridging away the distance for parents who may be struggling to connect.

These personalized letters titled from “God” are written after meticulous planning and effort based on the inputs given by you. We keep a note of child’s behavior, his likes dislikes and their interest and then craft a very personal yet compassionate letter for different occasions. Be it your child’s birthday, a small victory at school or the festive spirit of Christmas we have letters customized for your child!

How are the “Letters from Heaven” going to benefit your child?

While, you must be wondering what impact a personalized letter could bring to your child, we would like to add some light to it. Think of the times when you would have wanted your child to behave differently. Perhaps, to have said sorry to a friend, thank an elder for a gift they brought them or simply encourage them after a failure? While you might have all the right inspirational words to comfort your child, putting it forth can be a real struggle!

Our motive is one that we want the child to believe in their abilities, themselves, that how special they are and how God loves them so much.  And while doing so, we subtly try to inculcate human values while making the child realize the importance of love, family and gratitude.

There are times when children begin to struggle with identity, esteem issues, security, and other forms of hidden hurt.  These feelings if not checked upon can gradually manifest in the form of anger, disobedience, and closing up or withdrawing. Any loving parent who is concerned about the wellbeing of their child will recognize these signs as warnings. Letters from Heaven is an attempt to open the hearts of the children. Bad seeds will be uprooted and God will use you to plant the truth in their name.

 Moreover, when the child’s name is read out as having received a letter, the excitement and joy is contagious! These letters become like little gifts for children, it makes them feel they are worth it, that they are taken into account, that someone loves and remembers and cares them.